Christian Born Djurhuus

A Pharma Executive gone Digital.

Medical Product Development executive (molecules and tech) with 18 years of experience within Global Pharma, based in Europe and US. Several successful NDA, sNDAs and MAA within diabetes and cardio metabolic disorders as well as CE class 2b and 510Ks for combination devices.

Christian has for the past 4 years led the Digital Transformation of Development in Novo Nordisk and thrives in the interspace between medicine and technology. He is experienced in leading full-stack software development teams within the GCP / SaMD space.

He is a firm believer that future medical products must be digitally augmented, and thus considers it essential that medical product development must be as well.

And while the future is bright, benefits to humans cannot continue to be at the expense of the environment. Creating transparency on environmental impacts of these evolutions, and designing for circularity, is step one to be able to harvest sustainable Health Outcomes.