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The Digital Health in the Circular Economy (DiCE project) was created to address challenges associated with the growing use of digital healthcare products and increasing demand for raw materials to manufacture new electronic devices and other equipment.

As a key stakeholder, you will be informed about the project progress and results, and consulted:

  • for input on good practices in circular design and feedback on product development;
  • for nudging exercises and other sessions to understand consumer behaviour, and for the pilot actions;
  • to get feedback in the circularity and sustainability assessment approach developed;
  • to test the business models we create.

We need input from all stakeholders and will invite you to participate in the workshops, webinars, conferences, and presentation-based events held during the project. Specifically, stakeholder consultation events will take the form of co-creation workshops, business modelling interviews, policy meetings and clustering sessions.

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Registration Form

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