Phil Brown

Phil Brown is the Director of the Metabolic Research Institute the non-profit, research entity of Metabolic. Metabolic is an impact-driven organisation whereby Phil’s role is on the one hand to strategically shepherd Metabolic’s research program along an impact-driven theory of change. And, on the other to foster strategic partnerships with research partners and funders to research systemic transition pathways. The aim is to accelerate large-scale holistic innovation to transition global ecosystem’s to sustainable practices.

Phil has been the Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at Circularise and remains a strategic advisor. Where he has supported Circularise’s partners to integrate circular oriented innovation strategies and helped to translate blockchain capabilities into decision-making processes for developing Digital Product Passports (DPPs).

Phil holds a PhD in Collaborative Circular Oriented Innovation from Delft University of Technology and has previously held multiple positions focused on Circular Economy Innovation. Phil’s key areas of interest and expertise include circular economy, collaborative innovation networks, Circular Design and Business Model strategies, supply chain management, and digital transition & solutions.