Partner Spotlight | World Resources Forum

The World Resources Forum (WRF) is an international non-profit organisation mobilising concerted action to promote sustainability and fairness in the global use of natural resources. Through their multi-stakeholder conferences and projects, they strive to scale up knowledge and practical solutions able to make resource use a force for human wellbeing within planetary boundaries. 

We asked Sonia Valdivia, Scientific Director of the World Resources Forum, why they joined the project.   

It is in WRF’s mission to contribute to circular and sustainable use of resources as this plays a key role to combat climate change, achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and enable the low-carbon transition. This is in line with DICE ambitions to bring key stakeholders together to address challenges from the growing use of digital healthcare products and increasing demand for raw materials to manufacture new electronic devices and other equipment. 

One of WRF’s roles in DICE is covering the support of the assessment of social impacts along the life cycle of digital healthcare products and with the assessment of their circularity. WRF hopes to shed light on more sustainable options by comparing the current with improved digital healthcare products and solutions. 

Moreover, WRF is committed to contributing to the area of communication and dissemination by leveraging its large network, including WRF’23 in Geneva, Switzerland where DiCE will hold two workshops. WRF hopes to enable swift, clear, targeted and effective communications to key stakeholders and decision-makers concerning the design, production and use of digital healthcare products. Eventually, WRF hopes that DICE becomes an influencer in this area.  

Additionally, WRF is contributing to the mapping of relevant legal requirements and recommending additional and revisions to the current legal framework and standards based on a stakeholder-consensus process. WRF hopes to inspire concerned policymakers with meaningful and realistic recommendations. 

This is a unique and innovative project covering niche topics in the health and electronics sector with increasing relevance and urgency not only in Europe but also worldwide. I believe that the results and learnings of DiCE will be of great value not only to European stakeholders but also to the overall international community. This project offers a great opportunity to test, learn, apply and showcase valuable solutions to disposable digital healthcare products.  

Nanett Kalapos
August 8, 2023